About the project...

Project is based on developement of teacher skills in adult education for working with different groups of adults as well as on aprovement and expanding the offer by innovative approach. The program will provide a strong incentive to the strategic framework for cooperation in education and training in which all stakeholders will be included. The objective is making of Curriculum „Expert for coordination of education and employment“, by applying the principles of lifelong learning, flexible ways of learning in different areas of education and trainings. Throughout the project employees in partner institutions will be educated for the occupation „Expert for coordination of education and employment“, whose task is to connect stakeholders in order to develop their own initiative in this area. Throughout the project the partnerships will be developed between the world of education and world of labour, especially throughout inclusion of different stakeholders in planning of the education. Target groups with which the „Expert for coordination of education and employment“ should work are marginalized people - disadvantaged people like Roma people and asylum seekers. The duration of the project is 18 months, starting at October 1st. The curriculum will be made out of 4 moduls. Each partner will be responsable for one modul and the other partners will be involved in each and every modul by providing their advices, opinions and supplements (based on a situation in their own countries concerning the target groups). Open university Koprivnica and Faculty of Education, University of Osijek will work on every modul as coordinator and supervisor in curriculum development. The moduls are assigned to each partner taking in concern their knowledge and activities of their organisation.

The project team

Pacemaking the education and employment: answers to new challenges and opportunities